Legal Education in the Western World: A Cultural and Compara…

Legal Education in the Western World: A Cultural and Compara…

Legal Education in the Western World provides an encompassing history of legal education from Ancient Rome to present day Europe and the Americas. Legal education is considered the locus of the formation of professional culture, and in this book Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo contributes to our understanding of its formation by paying attention to how legal knowledge is conceived, the way it is created and transmitted, and the social status of masters, professors, teachers, apprentices and students. He focuses on historical periods and societies that have influenced the current state of legal education. While these are established touchpoints used by historians and supported by a vast bibliographies in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, this book also includes material often overlooked by historians.

Ultimately, this concise and accessible history presents a panoramic view that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of approaches to legal education in different societies, and an examination of the shared idea of law manifested in them. This historical and comparative perspective will be useful to comparative legal scholars and legal historians interested in a more informed general approach to improving legal education.

About the author

Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo is Professor of Law and former Law Dean at Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, and frequent visiting professor at Stanford Law School. He is the co-author of The Civil Law Tradition, 4th edition (Stanford, 2018).

“This superb work of synthesis addresses simultaneously and comparatively the history of legal education in the two major legal traditions of the Western World. It is an important contribution to the preparation of English-speaking law students, and the learning of legal experts and people interested in legal history and the history of education more generally, both inside their own legal tradition and inside that of Latin America and continental Europe.”

—Victor Uribe-Uran, Florida International College of Law

“Pérez-Perdomo’s comparative account of the history of legal education, spanning from ancient Rome to the present, and encompassing Europe, the United States, and Latin America, makes an important and much-needed contribution to the literature. Both broad in scope and tightly written, it packs a punch.”

—Amalia D. Kessler, Stanford Law School

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